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You can now have your Azure invoices emailed directly to your inbox

Finally! I need this. I can’t tell you how many times I racked up a bill for services that I didn’t even know were running. Actually, I’m going to investigate billing and resource usage alerts now too. Azure administrators can download the billing invoice and daily usage from the Azure…

Azure Service Fabric – Microsoft’s New Microservices Platform

Maybe you’re heard of the Azure Service Fabric (or maybe not), but WHY would you choose to develop a Services Fabric app? Web Apps seem fine, don’t they? Microservices is a relatively new thing on the cloud computing scene, and it’s the newest way to develop an application that is…

AllRecipes Migrating to Microsoft Azure

AllRecipes, founded in 1997, has undertaken a two-year migration to Microsoft Azure’s IaaS public cloud. AllRecipes services 1.5 billion visitors each year who view an average of 95 recipes per second, 66% of which are done on mobile devices. Source: Need a holiday recipe? AllRecipes and Microsoft Azure cloud have…

A Cool View of the Microsoft Cloud Datacenters

Microsoft released this new video a couple of months back which is an interesting view of the Azure datacenter world.

How Microsoft Exam Scoring Works

Saw this video today about how Microsoft scoring works for MCP exams. Very interesting if you’re thinking of or taking a Microsoft exam.

Azure Functions Reach General Availability

Microsoft recently announced an addition to its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering called Azure Functions. Initially launched as a preview service in March 2016, Azure Functions provide developers with an event-driven serverless compute platform that allow organizations to pay for only what they consume. Source: Azure Functions Reach General…

Microsoft Offers Exam, Retake and Practice Test At a Discount

Not sure if this is a special limited time offer, but I noticed recently that Microsoft is offering two special “bundles” that are a significant savings for students. The regular price of a Microsoft Azure exam is $165. That’s the price I paid for it. But now Microsoft is…

The Online Proctored Exam Experience

Saw an interesting video today talking about the online proctored exam option that Microsoft offers test takers. Well worth watching if you are thinking about taking the exam at home.

Microsoft continues its pivot to being all about cloud services | ZDNet

It’s not over for Windows and devices. But Microsoft’s future is increasingly about the cloud and subscriptions, as its financials and corporate priorities show. Source: Microsoft continues its pivot to being all about cloud services | ZDNet

Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service

This sounds so cool. Many of you know Bitcoin. Underlying bitcoin is the blockchain, which allows complete strangers to transfer money based on cryptography providing the trust factor. The blockchain is a public ledger of who owns what, and once I transfer my bitcoin to you, that gets written to…