TOGAF 9.1 Study Resource – Key Terminology


New from, a FREE 8-page study resource for the TOGAF 9.1 Part 1 exam (OG0-091).  Print this, and take this with you as you study for the exam. Take this to the exam center on the day of the test, for some last-minute assurance before sitting down at the computer. Remember that you have to throw it out (or put it in a storage locker) before entering the exam room itself.

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In this document, I go over the 40 key terms of TOGAF. If you are studying for the exam, or just need to understand TOGAF better, you need to understand these key terms in order to understand exactly what is going on.


Doesn’t the TOGAF spec covers definitions?

Yes, it does. But the spec contains 77 definitions for terms. In this guide, I only over the key ones, reducing the amount you have to memorize for the exam. I also use my own wording to simplify and expand upon the official meaning, to make it clearer for you what they mean when they use those words.

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