October 2017 Changes to 70-532 Azure Developer Exam

Last year in October, Microsoft announced some sweeping changes to it’s exams.

And this year, they did it again. At the MS Ignite conference, they announced changes to the requirements for two exams – 70-532 Azure Developer and 70-533 Azure Infrastructure. Let’s look at the 70-532 changes with this post.

The changes are slated to take effect on October 12, 2017. They are posted to the US website only, and so there’s no official word as to how this will be rolled out internationally.

Things removed from the 70-532 exam:

  • Virtual Machines objective – Configure ARM VM Networking
  • Manage Identity objective – Hybrid connections, Site to Site VPN and ExpressRoute
  • References to DocumentDB

Things added to the 70-532 exam:

  • Virtual Machines objective – Azure Disk Encryption
  • Virtual Machines objective – DevTest Labs
  • Azure Storage objective – connecting to Azure Files, shard large data-sets, blob leasing
  • Azure Storage objective – implement Cosmos DB Table API
  • Azure Storage objective – choose between Azure Tables and Cosmos DB Table API
  • Azure Storage objective – Cosmos DB, all aspects
  • Azure Storage objective – Redis caching for ASP.NET sessions
  • Manage Identity objective – MFA and MFA API
  • Manage Identity objective – determine when to use event hubs, service bus, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics and Notification Hubs
  • Manage Identity objective – Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Compute objective – goes deeper into Functions
  • Azure Compute objective – Third Party Platform as a Service (PaaS), Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Azure Quickstart Templates, Azure Marketplace Solutions
  • Azure Compute objective – DevOps, Application Insights, Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, third-party deployment tools, mobile DevOps using HockeyApp

And finally, the weightings for each of the objectives have shifted.

  • Virtual Machines, was 30-35%, now 20-25% (down 10%)
  • Storage, remains 25-30%
  • Identity, was 15-20%, now 10-15% (down 5%)
  • Azure Compute, was 25-30%, now 35-40% (up 10%)

So you can see where Microsoft’s priorities for this exam are.

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