New Azure Architecture Exam Practice Tests

I remember when I was studying for both of the Azure exams last year. I went through each of the topics covered in the tests thoroughly to ensure I knew everything before spending the $165 each to take them. But still, I wasn’t 100% sure of everything and I wanted to check.

There is a place you can go to get an “official” practice test. But it was almost as much as the test itself, and you could only access it for 30 days before it would be taken away from you. It felt like the clock was ticking loudly to take the test.

I said to myself, “I think I can do better. In fact, I know I can.”

So I sat down this month and wrote 150 practice questions for the 70-534 Azure Architecture exam. That practice exam went live today on Udemy. I’m so thrilled to be able to offer it to you at a special launch day price.

NEW! Three Complete Practice Tests for 70-534

150 practice questions, divided into 3 timed exams

List price: $100
Today: $15



For a launch price of $15, you can get 150 original practice questions for the 70-534 exam. These questions cover ALL of the requirements of the exam. The practice questions are divided into three timed tests of 50 questions each, so you will know how ready you are to take the exam for real.

With Udemy, you get the usual lifetime access guarantee and pay a reasonable price. The value is clear.

If you do not have my 70-534 10-hour video course yet, the link to that is here.


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