May 2018 70-533 exam tips | Tips for the Implementing Azure Exam

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Here are the latest 70-533 exam tips. I recorded this video this afternoon to talk about the latest tips for the 70-533 exam.

Perhaps you have questions about the 70-533 implementing Microsoft azure infrastructure solutions exam. Well, in this video, I see what students are saying to study for the exam.

The Unofficial Azure User Group can be found here:

Quickstart Series: Windows Web App in Azure

In this video, I show you how to create a Windows Web App in Microsoft Azure. Windows Web App. We go through the Azure Portal, and see how form fields get filled in. If you can’t afford to create resources in Azure, but want to see how it’s done in 2018, this is the video for you.

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Hi, there. My name is Scott Duffy from In this video, we’re going to talk about the latest exam tips for the 70-533 exam, which is implementing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification. These tips come from both my Azure students of my Azure courses as well as the members of the Azure User Group on Facebook. The link is on screen or you can go into Facebook and just search for Azure User Group, and we would love to have you as a member. If you have questions you want to ask about Azure or you want to just participate in discussions or you have resources to share, I would love to invite you to join and we could all learn from each other. Join the Azure User Group.

Now, these are the latest tips for the 70-533 exam from students who’ve taken that exam in the last couple of months. One student came out of the exam and said that there were way more Azure Automation Desired State Configuration questions than they had expected. Another student talked about OMS, Operations Management Suite, questions and finally kind of related to the Azure Automation part was the ability to read ARM templates was identified as a key skill. If you have time to study before you want to take this test, I would recommend you download ARM templates, start reading through them, modifying them, deploying them, get more familiar with ARM templates.

Finally, scripting is always important. The last 12 months or so, scripting has been growing in importance within the 70-533 exam so understanding PowerShell, CLI, getting the Azure SDK for those things, adding, removing, managing, maintaining, scaling resources using PowerShell and CLI. Give that a try.

This is the TL;DR. This is the summary of my latest tips on this exam. If you look at the exam requirements for 70-533, security, backup and recovery and virtual machines make up 50% of the exam these days. Now, you also going to want to know more modern technologies such as containers and ARM templates as well as virtual networks being a foundational technology.

You’ll want to practice deploying and managing resources using all the Portal as well as PowerShell and CLI, like I said. Finally, these are really two great resources. One is the Azure PowerShell GitHub repository. This is the official Microsoft Azure repository for sample PowerShell scripts is at Like I said, there’s over 600 scripts there and if you ever want to play around PowerShell, you can download from there and then modify that and give that a try.

Another resource that’s coming to light is called Azure Citadel. This is a resource from Microsoft UK and it contains labs and demos and lots of resources for you to teach yourself Microsoft Azure. Go out, check out Azure Citadel as well.

Now, I said the Azure User Group is a great place. This is where thousands … We got over 8,000 people in there right now, so thousands of people talk about Microsoft Azure and if you want to learn or you want to share your knowledge, I would definitely recommend you sign up for that.

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