Discounted Azure Exam Vouchers

I’ve mentioned a few programs that Microsoft runs that offer free exam vouchers for the AZ-900 exam. I’ve heard recently that this exam voucher is restricted to the AZ-900 exam and can no longer be used for other exams.

And recently Microsoft offered an exam voucher for completing a challenge at Ignite.

But, year-round, you can get discounted Microsoft exam vouchers that have a short expiry date.

For instance, at the time of writing, you can buy a $165 exam voucher for $125, that expires on Dec 15, 2020.

(Note that this voucher is only good for the US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and a few other countries.)

If you’re interested in checking this out, please use this link (affiliate) to check out the Microsoft vouchers currently being offered. Pay particular attention to the restrictions on country of use, and the expiry date.