Introducing the Bug Report Program for Courses

Did you find an error? A mistake in something I said, or text that appears on screen? Has something changed since the course was published that is affecting your ability to learn the skills being taught?

My name is Scott Duffy, and I teach over a dozen courses online, including some of the most popular courses in the field of TOGAF or Microsoft Azure. In the past, I’ve been able to keep track of changes that happen in the industry, and update the video courses and practice tests to be 100% accurate. But to do that going forward, I need your help.

Introducing the Bug Report program.

This bug report program aims to collect and keep track of all required updates to the video courses, so that I can fix the video as quickly as possible. If you submit a bug on this form, we’ll validate that the fix needs to be made, and the course will get a new video (or set of videos) which will improve the course for you and other students too!

Simply fill in the form below. You’ll need to identify the course title and the lecture that contains the bug. Or the practice test and question number. Or if there is a topic that is missing. We’ll do the rest.

NOTE: Any contact information you provide will only be used in relation to the bug and not for any other purpose. You won’t be added to a list, and your contact info will not be retained.

Bug Report

Finding and quashing bugs in courses.
  • Which course does this report relate to?
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  • Please describe what you would like to see added or modified about the course?
  • Only to contact you about this bug. Your email will not be retained beyond this.
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