Become Azure Certified Through Udemy for Business

Hundreds of companies provide their employees access to Udemy as part of their employee training benefits. Is yours one?

If so, you already have access to my Enterprise Architecture and Microsoft Azure courses for free!

All you need to do is log in to your company’s Udemy portal, and search for TOGAF or Azure using Udemy’s search tool. You’ll be shown a selection of my courses where you can sign up at no cost to you – since your employer already pays to be part of that program.

But clicking the “sign up” button doesn’t teach you the skill. (We’re not in The Matrix yet. “I know Kung Fu.”)You will need to watch the videos and practice the skills, and this can be done a little at a time. Perhaps the smartest thing you can do is book yourself a meeting in your Office calendar every week where nobody else is able to reserve that time away from you. Whether it’s 30 minutes, or an hour, or more. Book yourself a meeting, and devote that time to taking some training such as my Azure courses that will help you attain the certification that can advance your skills and advance your career.Over 1,000 companies have this as a company benefit, and yours might be one of them. So check with HR on what training platforms you have available.And if you don’t see my courses on the training platform you have (whatever it is), do me a favor and ask that training platform to get in touch with me and get my courses there.Scott