Join the Beta Testing Club!

For me, one of my goals for 2019 is improving the quality of my products across the board. Not that they aren’t great, but of course, they can be better.

One aspect of that is having a group of people willing to get early access to the products and being among the first to view them. This way, I can find out quickly what is working, what I should do more of, and what can be improved.


  • Not everyone will be accepted to be part of this group. Membership is limited in order to manage the beta/early access process.
  • You agree not to share any course coupons you receive with others.
  • You agree to watch at least 30 minutes of any video course that you take a coupon of within a week. You can’t just take a coupon and sit on it for a few months.
  • And you agree to provide feedback at the form provided to you at the time of the offer, letting me know which things you liked or would want to see improved.

If you’d like to be part of this Beta Group, where you get notified of courses and practice tests the day they come out and an opportunity to get in for free, please sign up at the form below.

You can unsubscribe from that at any time. There is no obligation to participate in any offer if it does not interest you. Only a limited number of people (probably 25) can be accommodated in any beta testing group but there should be many opportunities for different courses over time.

Thanks in advance!

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