Basics of Azure and Cloud Computing Free Offer

In November, more than 10,000 students signed up to one of my Azure or AWS courses. I am humbled and grateful to have so many people put their trust in me to teach them about how getting certified can benefit themselves and their careers. 

But not everyone is ready to try certification. Perhaps you're not.

Certification is a big step. A big investment of time and energy. Totally worth it, yes, but still not everyone is ready to take that step.

So here's your chance to dip your toe into my online Azure training. For free.

I would love to send you a free coupon to my introductory course on Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing.

It's only 45 minutes long, but I take you from no knowledge of what cloud computing is, will show you the benefits of the cloud, and will introduce you to the major cloud platforms.

Getting into Azure specifically, I talk about the types of applications you can run on the cloud - from virtual machine images, or just having Azure run your app code directly. 

From there, you'll see me do some stuff. You can even follow along if you wish! I create a virtual machine, and show you step by step how I do it. I also create a virtual network. And introduce you to the types of software you can easily install from the Azure Marketplace.

It's designed to show you, over a lunch break, what the cloud is, what Azure is, and a short demo of how it works.

All I ask is an email address from you so that I can send you this course. For free. You get lifetime access, so even if you can't watch it today maybe you can watch it in the new year.

I respect your privacy, and will never sell or rent your email to anyone. Nor email you excessively.

But this offer expires on Wednesday at 6 PM EST. Only confirmed signups before then will get the course for free.


Check your email. You will need to confirm subscription before I can send it to you. All codes will go out on Wednesday night. Thank you!

Chief Trainer at SoftwareArchitect