Azure Bitcoin Mining Tutorial Using NiceHash

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Azure Bitcoin Mining Tutorial – Just for fun, I decided to try to set up a Bitcoin miner on Azure today. It was easier than I expected. Years ago when I used to run a Bitcoin miner, it was a challenge to set up and get running, but NiceHash is quite easy.

Azure Bitcoin Mining is not profitable, in my view. Not even close. There’s just no way that you can rent a cloud computer and expect to profitably mine Bitcoin. The people who do this successfully own the hardware, get cheap electricity, and tweak the settings to the maximum.

This was just an experiment. A fun experiment for me.

It looks like it would cost me around $17 per day in VM costs, while only making $2 per day. So the math just does not work out.

But if you want to see it done, this is it. If you want to try this too, you can.

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Azure Bitcoin Mining Tutorial Using NiceHash

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