Azure Adds More Services in Canada

Hey guys!

Some of you know that I live here in Toronto, Canada. When I was first starting out on Azure, Azure did not have any Canadian regions. In the last couple of years, they’ve rolled out Canada Central and Canada East. I should see if I can arrange a visit someday.

Microsoft just announced that the M-Series Virtual Machine size is now available in Canada.

The monsters (does M stand for Monster?) offer 192 GB to 4 TB of RAM. (Oh, M stands for Memory-optimized.)

The NCv3 series is also now available here. Those offer NVIDIA graphic cards and are GPU-optimized.

And finally, SQL Managed Instances are being launched here too so that you can have use SQL Server as a managed service in Azure (as opposed to SQL Database which is related but a different model). True lift-and-shift migrations with assistance from Microsoft to manage it.

The details are all on Microsoft Canada’s blog post: “Microsoft Launches new Cloud, Data & AI Capabilities in Canada”.