AZ-203/AZ-204 Sample Question

You’re a developer for Acme Inc. You have recently deployed an application to an Azure Web App, but there’s a problem.

When users navigate to the URL, they are being given a 404 error, page not found. After some investigation, you think you’ve found the problem. The default page for the application needs to be “home.aspx” and this is not among the default pages list.

Under which menu item will you find the setting that needs to be changed in Azure?


A. Configuration

B. Authentication / Authorization

C. Custom domains

D. TLS/SSL settings

E. Properties

F. Locks



The configuration settings panel contains a section to define default documents. You can put the “home.aspx” page in there and delete what is not necessary. 

Authentication / Authorization allows you to configure anonymous access or require sign-in. The Custom Domains settings panel allows you to define your own domain name instead of the one provided by Azure. The TLS/SSL settings panel allows you to require HTTPS-only access as well as upload a certificate for the server to use if that’s required. The Properties settings panel tells you the status, IP address, as well as other connection strings. And the Locks settings panel lets you set the application to read-only or do not delete in Azure to prevent accidental modifications or deletion.

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