70-532 70-533 VM Workloads that are Not Supported

One of the more confusing requirements of the 70-532 and 70-533 exams says, talking about Virtual Machines:

Identify workloads that can and cannot be deployed

Microsoft has a web page that lists some Windows software that cannot be deployed into Azure.


Most interesting is the list of Windows features that are not supporting inside Azure. Most make sense if you think about the on-premises specific uses or things like disk encryption which Azure has it’s own version of.

Microsoft Windows Server Roles not supported:

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server
  • Hyper-V
  • Rights Management Services
  • Windows Deployment Services

Microsoft Windows Server Features not supported:

  • BitLocker Drive Encryption (on the operating system hard disk, may be used on data disks)
  • Internet Storage Name Server
  • Multipath I/O
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol
  • RRAS
  • DirectAccess
  • SNMP Services
  • Storage Manager for SANs
  • Windows Internet Name Service
  • Wireless LAN Service